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This is a community for natterfly to send icons, layouts, and other graphics to await new owners.

Check out the tags or memories page for a full list. Anyone is free to take whatever they like, but please do not hotlink.

A full list of resources used can be found here.


This is the obligatory resources post.

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Gisele Bundchen

Icons of Gisele from an editorial entitled 'Death Valley'.

Death Valley.Collapse )

Ray Winstone x 10

Originally made at the request of the lovely billyphatu.

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Fashion Photography

15 icons & 4 Friends Only banners from random bits of fashion photography.

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Grey's Anatomy

See, what I do, is I get an idea for a type of icon I want (e.g. "MUST HAVE GREY'S ANATOMY ICONS!!!"), then I make up a bunch and pick whichever ones I like best. Which leaves me with a whole heap of extraneous shinies. Which is where this place comes in.

Grey's Anatomy icons. All from the Pilot episode.

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